Saturday, June 6, 2009

Actual footage of Pastor Stephen Anderson being beaten

Video of the Border Patrol agent abuse:


Biblical said...

It is distressing to see current examples of the erosion of our constitutional rights, but our rights have been trampled upon for a long time, for over a century. The sooner we realize this, the better we will cope with further rights erosion - unless God intercedes for us. But I do not see God interceding in this instance unless Christians who are called by His name start repenting and turning back to the Lord.

My question to the Pastor Anderson: Is it better to stand up for your constitutional rights or is it better to stand up for Christ? I prefer the latter - which will mean you are assuredly on God's side.

Claimsman said...

We are getting only one side of the story. What was the "probable cause" for stopping Pastor Anderson? All I can see is that Pastor Anderson was failing to obey the lawful order of a police enforcement agent and that in general he was behaving in a very provocative manner (with his video-cam running).