Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Threat From Popular False "Itching Ears" Teachings Of The Church

FQ Show # 173




Nashville, TN – Dr. Joseph Chambers, Director of Paw Creek Ministries (, exposes the troubling movements that have been recently underway within the Church that reside outside the confines of orthodoxy, with host “Doctor Future” and co-host Tom Bionic, airing daily during the week of 14 September on the “Future Quake” program, broadcast on the Christian talk radio station WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN (and archived at In this revealing discussion, Dr. Chambers, a Pentecostal pastor for approximately half a century (as well as host of the long-running radio program “Open Bible Dialogue”), explains the movements that have grown with Pentecostal and other roots within the professing Church, emanating from individuals offering new revelations, teachings and experiences, and whom have drawn large followings and funding. He describes this matter in the book chapter “Occultianity, Dominionism and Institutional Collapse” he authored for the new book just released to the public, entitled “How To Overcome The Most Frightening Issues You Will Face In The Next Century” (and available for sale at In this interview, Dr. Chambers methodically discusses eight different aspects or movements that comprise these troubling deviations from orthodox Christian teaching. These include provocative topics such as “The Latter Rain Revival”, the return of the prophetic and apostolic offices (including the violently engaged “Phineas Priests”), as well as “Joel's Army” and the impact of the “Kansas City Prophets”. The role of Dominionism (a movement often cited in other “Future Quake” analyses) is also included, and its intent for Christians to “occupy until I come” by wresting the reins of civil power and institutions in order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven physically on Earth, prior to the return of Christ, as practiced by those in powerful political, ministry and media positions. Dr. Chambers boldly pronounces that such movements are often led by demonic powers, and those indwelling within prominent leaders, and that many of their followers are likely to zealously follow the Anti-Christ, who may embody many of the conquering agendas and charisma they are seeking, and since they do not anticipate the rise of a Man of Sin and great deception (as well as the removal of the saints) prior to the return of Christ. The discussion concludes with the means the Church, as well as impacted individuals, must pursue to turn back these destructive movements, which focuses on restoring the pre-eminence of the Bible as the sole authoritative source of God's will.

“Future Quake”, hosted by “Doctor Future”, is a daily Christian interview and news review radio program, focusing on issues and events that will soon impact our collective futures. It features interviews with international experts on the topics covered (such as recent guests Alvin Toffler, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Joseph Farah and Dr. Jerome Corsi), with constructive, intellectual discussions intended to better inform the public and provide useful information to prepare for the days ahead. It airs each weekday at 4 PM on WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN, the most popular Christian talk station in Middle Tennessee, and extending into much of the Mid-South. For those that miss the live broadcast, prior shows are archived in .mp3 format for listening on demand at, or available as a podcast (under “future quake”) at I-Tunes (

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Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly thank both of you, Dr. Future and Tom B., for saying the truth when you touched upon the issue of Israel, Palestinian Christians, etc during your news segment on Friday.

However, I believe you were wrong on Israel being a secular state based on my talks with a number of Israeli co-workers. They have bitterly complained of how the orthodox rabbis have a stranglehold on the state and laws passed and hence on society.

On another point of the podcast: like so many Americans, Dr. Chambers does not seem to know that "Allah" is the Arabic name for Our Lord so he said some things that were painful to hear. It would have been such a great opportunity to address this error on air again as it was done by Karl Medeiras in his FQ interview !

And Tom, if you could put up an email in FQ or MTBS (non-login), I would like very much to ask some questions about your music and the music you play in Mighty Tom's Bible Studies.

Keep up the wonderful work!


Barnabas said...

hey maria

thanks for listening!

Regarding Israel: I would have to mention that it seems from the limited discussions that I have had with Israelis that they do not like the orthodox rabbis, and not like the religious aspects of the jewish religion in general.
For some insight to this just go check out the "caaninite" school of sculpture...One of the more prominent pieces features a huge statue of Nimrod, I believe. Its parked at the main entrance of Tel Aviv university for all to see.

I missed Dr. Chambers comments about "allah". Must have been doodling or something.

I will put an email to the mtbs after the 24th, as I am in over my head until then.

Thank you for listening