Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recent Experiences In The Assault On Personal Freedom By The State, Preparations To Address It, And The Current Christian Response

Show # 179


Nashville, TN – Radio show host, author and columnist Will Grigg ( discusses recent experiences in the assault on personal freedom by the State, preparations to address it, and the proper and Biblically-justifiable Christian response, with host “Doctor Future” and co-host Tom Bionic, airing daily during the week of 19 October on the “Future Quake” program, broadcast on the Christian talk radio station WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN (and archived at Mr. Grigg is a favorite guest on the “Future Quake” show, and in addition to his must-read “Pro Libertate” blog, he now hosts his own “Pro Libertate” daily radio show on the Liberty News Radio Network. In this thought-provoking and introspective interview, he begins by describing a philosophical and moral “litmus test” one can apply to how one responds to encountering the classic scenario of witnessing a man being physically assaulted by an authority figure of the State. In this test case, the one who innately sympathizes and identifies with the State-sanctioned officer is identified as having fundamental collectivist tendencies, whereas those who sympathize with the plight of the assaulted figure, and question the grounds of his assault, are those with individualistic and libertarian perspectives. Mr. Grigg then discusses how Christians, in following the example and teachings of Christ, have additional perspectives that should influence how they might “choose sides” as a basic instinct. This philosophical exercise then serves as a backdrop to the discussion of new polling data that suggests that Americans, and moreso evangelical Christians, are more inclined to support torture of individuals that the citizens of other countries, including Muslim, Middle Eastern countries like Turkey. This shocking statistic is then used to seek answers for the disturbing accommodation by para-church evangelical ministries of their key benefactors and leaders such as Erik Prince, President of the private mercenary company Blackwater, who is now the subject of a federal court case that alleges his primary role in the establishment of child prostitution rings in Iraq, wanton killing of Iraqi citizens, and smuggling of illegal weapons, with testimony entered that claimed he desired to kill Muslims on a widespread scale for the Christian faith – all with no discernible comment from those national ministries he has been affiliated with. The mission of the “Dominionist” element predominant within these mainstream evangelical ministries, whose slogan is to “occupy until I come”, is then explored, comparing a Christian “occupying army” of Earth to that of occupying armies such as in Iraq today, as a process of “connecting the dots” in a show that will be talked about in days to come.

“Future Quake”, hosted by “Doctor Future”, is a daily Christian interview and news review radio program, focusing on issues and events that will soon impact our collective futures. It features interviews with international experts on the topics covered (such as recent guests Alvin Toffler, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Joseph Farah and Dr. Jerome Corsi), with constructive, intellectual discussions intended to better inform the public and provide useful information to prepare for the days ahead. It airs each weekday at 4 PM on WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN, the most popular Christian talk station in Middle Tennessee, and extending into much of the Mid-South. For those that miss the live broadcast, prior shows are archived in .mp3 format for listening on demand at, or available as a podcast (under “future quake”) at I-Tunes (

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