Sunday, December 6, 2009

American Evangelical Christianity At A Crossroads - Considering The "Liberty" Option

Show # 186

Christian intellectual robert heid discusses the crisis of american evangelical christianity and its need for self-examination, on the 7 - 11 december 09 “future quake” radio programs

Christian educator, intellectual and show favorite Robert Heid discusses the current state of American evangelical Christianity at a “crossroads”
of credibility, identity and world view, and the “self-assessments” of perception warranted by its constituents to retain its role of “salt” and light” in society, with host “Doctor Future” and co-host Tom Bionic, airing daily during the week of 7 December on the “Future Quake” program, broadcast on the Christian talk radio station WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN (and archived at He begins by recounting his own journey as a pastor and member of the evangelical community in good standing, and the discoveries he has uncovered in recent years about the nature of the fundamental presuppositions that he and his fellow evangelical brethren have embraced in melding Biblical Christianity and American culture. A period of soul-searching and dedicated “thinking” have led him to believe that these cultural tenants and presuppositions may have faulty and misinformed foundations. In this discussion, he re-visits the subject of earlier interviews concerning libertarianism and the principle of “natural law”, and the ignorance of their principles by much of the evangelical community, which have impeded a serious and widespread consideration of their merits within a Christian, Biblical worldview framework. Heid also comments on examples of the commonly inherited cultural aspects within the American Christian community that need to be acknowledged and critiqued, such as tendencies to “label” people monolithically, exhibit “hero worship”, and have a “romanticized” view of American life, culture and values (as he confesses he observed was a component of his own psychology). He laments that, in his judgment, American Christians are not typically “thinking deeply” (possibly due to lack of dedicated effort or limitations of interactions with others), and most importantly exhibits a consistent trend of preferring authoritative social control (as evidenced by Christians’ prevalent positions on historical issues such as slavery, Prohibition, and similar matters). Furthermore, he provides a damning, yet evenhanded assessment that American Christians have become known as “loving war” (and having benefited from its support) as well as a growing police state. He also coins original terms for fantasies Christians have created, such as the ‘Disney-fication” of American history and life, as well as its “Austenization” form of British culture and history, and the “boogey-men” Christian communities create and then choose to prefer to confront, rather than the core issues that really threaten citizens. He closes with a plan of action to avoid fads and create “real” change, in this “can’t-miss” broadcast.

“Future Quake”, hosted by “Doctor Future”, is a daily Christian interview and news review radio program, focusing on issues and events that will soon impact our collective futures. It features interviews with international experts on the topics covered (such as recent guests Alvin Toffler, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Alex Jones, Joseph Farah, Chuck Baldwin and Dr. Jerome Corsi), with constructive, intellectual discussions intended to better inform the public and provide useful information to prepare for the days ahead. It airs each weekday at 4 PM on WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN, the most popular Christian talk station in Middle Tennessee, and extending into much of the Mid-South. For those that miss the live broadcast, prior shows are archived in .mp3 format for listening on demand at, or available as a podcast (under “future quake”) at I-Tunes (

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“Future Quake” is a Christian interview and news review program, focusing on events that will impact our futures. It airs 4 PM on WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN. Archived at, or podcast at I-Tunes (under “future quake”)

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