Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome to the Future Quake radio blogspot!

Welcome to the Futurequake radio blog!

It is my sincere hope that your find something here that might be enlightening, entertaining, or otherwise intellectually stimulating.

In keeping with the theme and purpose of futurequake, I am going to strive to make this a place to further elucidate on themes, issues, and events that may likely change the way the world is viewed and our interaction as we pass through it. It will undeniably be a "Christian" blog, in that Christ crucified and resurrected as a propitiation for my personal sins and affronts to God is the central fact of all history. Jesus will be the central flavor here. Towards that end I would like to concoct a palettable mixture of intellectual commentary, mixed with subtle entendre, humor, and perhaps even a touch of irony.

This blog will differ somewhat from the main website, in that while it will feature the content from futurequake, including the weekly WENO AM 760 broadcasts, press releases, goings on, and other events, It will also feature expanded content. Occasional articles from myself, as well as news stories of note, ongoing commentary on themes relevant to the radio show, and possibly even a guest article from other people besides Dr. Future or myself.

I am sure that there will be content here that you may not totally agree with. As iron sharpens iron, Lets continue to bring forth a greater understanding of the times we live in, the scripture and most importantly, Jesus.


Tom Bionic

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