Friday, May 29, 2009

DMT part 3-The Spirit Molecule Interviews

For those of you who have been following the DMT posts here at and elsewhere, it appears that a movie short is in the works, glorifying DMT use.

Watching it, I just wanted to throw out a few opinions.

-1. Notice how all of the people (with the possible exception of Dr. David E. Nichols) want to both put aside any possible ethical implications, and to open pandoras box without regard to the possible negatives.
-2. Notice that all of the persons interviewed in the trailer all imply that there really is some type of spiritual contact that goes on while using DMT.
-3. Notice that its all talked about in glowing tones, with a subtle, susceptible nod towards a spiritual quickening or spiritual evolution.

It's in four parts. Its called "The Spirit Molecule Interviews."

There is alot of New Age jargon here. Its interesting that from the research that I have reviewed, none of the negative experiences of DMT are covered. For instance, you hear none of the account of the experience of one volunteer whos "spirit body" was anally raped by a gang of alien alligators, or how another volunteer's "spirit body" was consumed by alien insectoids.
You definitely hear none of statements from DMT volunteers about how they feel there is an element of control by another entity, very similar to possession.

Check em' out...

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