Friday, May 29, 2009

DMT Part 4-The Egyptian Connection.

*I wanted to wait to publish this for a few days, but this video is too compelling for students of prophecy and in particular, followers of Peter Goodgames work to wait around and sit on my hands. Plus I'm all fired up about it. We may be seeing the beginning of a serious coalescense here.*

Apparently, there is an egyptian connection to the pineal gland, DMT, mystical states, and the spirit world. This is a five part series. A number of observations...

-1. We see the idea of the pineal gland being a gateway between the spirit world and the physical plane, and DMT might be able to unlock that gate.
-2. The implication is that the egyptian kings and priests somehow knew more than we give them credit for, and may have in some sense, the "secret of the universe". I imagine Aaron might have something to say about that. Perhaps they should seek out some of Egypts first born
-3. Unsurprisingly, there is the very obvious logical flaw of treating wild speculation as factual information.
-4. Unsurprisingly, there is the totally obvious enumeration and veneration of marrying occult philsophy with new age philosophy.
-5. Unsurprisingly, the video mentions by name Christianity, and specifically the descriptions of hades/gehenna as merely being borrowed from Egyptian theology.
-6. The fact that the video spends a considerable amount of time interpreting both the spirit world, the egyptian mummification process, and the pineal gland as a doorway between the two may be fascinating for students of the Nimrod/Asshur/Antichrist theory.
-7. Particularly noteworthy is the phrase "Maybe if we assume that egyptians knew what they were talking about..." as an actual ontological preposition for serious scholarly study. Its rather like stating "If we assume that Stalin really knew what he was doing, then we would feel differently about his treatment of the Kossaks."
-8. Masonry comes up. Need I say more?

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Erin said...

Wow!'s like piecing together a puzzle! I hope you guys have more discussions about DMT, and its ramifications. I believe it has future ramifications with Bible prophecy, etc. Love the show...keep up the good work!! God Bless You Both!