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Eyewitness Report From The "Ancient of Days" Christian Conference on Aliens

Show #166


20 JULY 2009


Nashville, TN – “Future Quake” Radio show host “Doctor Future” returns from his journey to Roswell New Mexico, where he spoke at the “'Ancient of Days' First Christian Conference on Aliens”, and reports on the noteworthy and groundbreaking events that transpired there, in an interview with co-host Tom Bionic, airing daily during the week of 20 July on the “Future Quake” program, broadcast on the Christian talk radio station WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN (and archived at The “Ancient of Days” Conference is held in the midst of the “Roswell UFO Festival”, where tens of thousands of people are drawn each year to hear the latest research on the UFO phenomenon, many of which are drawn to the New Age-based “UFO cult” religions, that see aliens as our “creators” and “space brothers” who will be returning for us, and whom are visiting some people even today. Guy Malone, the founder and organizer of the “Ancient of Days” conferences since their inception in 2003, had found possible answers to the alien abduction and other UFO phenomena in the pages of the Bible, including demonological explanations, and even an End-Time scenario revealed that could explain their sudden increase in activity today. Mr. Malone assembled cutting-edge Christian researchers that also had been reaching these same conclusions in their own areas of expertise, including the discovery and mounting evidence that abductees could achieve deliverance from their abduction events when seeking the spiritual protection available in Jesus Christ, and provided a forum for such matters to be discussed and evaluated. Doctor Future himself attended such a conference in 2005, and found it a life-changing experience, which shocking revelations unveiled from the Bible itself, with ramifications that impacted overall theological concepts and even daily practice of the Christian faith, while also exhibiting the work of the Holy Spirit made manifest in the lives of the attendees, including spiritual deliverance and restoration of relationships, as observed during the event. As such, Doctor Future was thrilled to be asked by Guy Malone to speak at the 2009 version of the conference, which placed an emphasis this year on educating Christan pastors and teachers. The speaker list comprised a stellar and distinguished cast, including Dr. Bill Alnor, Gary Bates, Dr. Michael Heiser, Joe Jordan, Pastor Chris Ward, Dr. Lynn Mazulli, and Guy Malone, as well as participation by Russ Dizdar. In this interview, Doctor Future discusses the background of this unique conference series, the content of his presentation as well as that of fellow speakers, and the outcome of the event, of which DVDs of the talks will be available at

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