Saturday, August 15, 2009

Events and Developments With Hidden Prophetic Significance

Show # 170


17 AUGUST 2009


Nashville, TN – Commentator Jeff Radt ( discusses his recent research and articles which explore the hidden prophetic meanings behind some of today's most provocative yet often overlooked events, with host “Doctor Future” and co-host Tom Bionic, airing daily during the week of 17 August on the “Future Quake” program, broadcast on the Christian talk radio station WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN (and archived at Mr. Radt began writing on such topics in support of Tom Horn and his “Raiders News Network” website, and now authors the acclaimed “Look Up Fellowship” news and commentary site, with a prolific output of daily news item reviews and commentary, with a unique eye on the hidden prophetic meanings, and is a daily “must read” for many students of Bible prophecy. In this inaugural visit to “Future Quake”, Mr. Radt introduces us to how Bible prophecy revealed its superiority to him over other prophetic sources like Nostradamus, and how it then led him to embracing a saving faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior. He briefly discusses the purposes and experiences with his “Look Up Fellowship” on line commentary site, and his new role as co-host of the “Big Finale” talk show (with Bruce Collins). The discussion then leads toward specific current developments like the “Codex Alimentarius”, an international set of governing regulations pertaining to food production, which has of late become a tool by globalists and agribusiness cartels to control the types and amounts of food available to the world's populace, and to restrict access to organic and local foods and medications. The recent rise of Russia as a world player and the current events exposing this development, and the murky background and ominous purposes and activities of the New Age foundational organization, The Institute for Noetic Sciences, are also explored in depth. The plans by national and global governments and power brokers to use a real or manufactured flu pandemic to tighten their control, manipulate the populations and mandate the use of dangerous vaccines (while reaping a profit windfall) are also discussed. Recent government policies and guidance pertaining to the planned monitoring and infiltration of “Right Wing Extremists”, comprising those who oppose globalism and support the Second Amendment, the Constitution and are pro-life, and even those who believe in “End Times prophecies”, and recent events of violence by which such groups can be identified as scapegoats, are considered as a potential threat to loyal Americans who espouse Christian principles. The rising concerns about reports of civilian internment camps, including sightings and even government recruitment drives, are part of this lively interview.

“Future Quake”, hosted by “Doctor Future”, is a daily Christian interview and news review radio program, focusing on issues and events that will soon impact our collective futures. It features interviews with international experts on the topics covered (such as recent guests Alvin Toffler, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Joseph Farah and Dr. Jerome Corsi), with constructive, intellectual discussions intended to better inform the public and provide useful information to prepare for the days ahead. It airs each weekday at 4 PM on WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN, the most popular Christian talk station in Middle Tennessee, and extending into much of the Mid-South. For those that miss the live broadcast, prior shows are archived in .mp3 format for listening on demand at, or available as a podcast (under “future quake”) at I-Tunes (

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Robin said...

Hey guys. Heard you talking about the push for Swine Flu vaccinations by the government. Did you know hat Vanderbilt University is paying $350 to people who will participate in the Swine Flu Vaccination Research study? Glad I heard about the failed trials in 1976 from you! My Dad had Guillan Barre in the 80's... thank the Lord that disease process stopped short of taking his respiratory muscles out and that the disease did reverse itself. It still took him nearly 2 years to fully recover. I am a nurse and have seen some people not recover from it...became quadraplegics and ventilator dependent... Definitely not worth taking the risk for Three bucks fifty! Keep up the good work boys.. By the by, the disesae is pronounced gee yun bar ay (hard g. Robin

tom bionic said...

hi robin!

Thanks for the heads up. Im (that is mr bionic) am not a doctor. Dr future is, but thats only of the future.
Robin, if you have any other breaking news on the "vaccines" please let us know.


Tommy Bionicus