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How the "ET" God Is Replacing The God Of The Bible In Society

Show #168


5 AUGUST 2009


Nashville, TN – Dr. Michael Heiser (, Academic Editor for Logos Bible Software, discusses how the “'ET' god” is replacing the God of the Bible in society, with host “Doctor Future” and co-host Tom Bionic, airing daily during the week of 3 August on the “Future Quake” program, broadcast on the Christian talk radio station WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN (and archived at Dr. Heiser has spent much of his academic and professional career studying and writing on the impact of emerging “ET” and other latter-day pagan religious manifestations and their impact on society and culture, and the largely ambivalent response observed to date from the Christian church. This interview has its origins in a ground-breaking presentation delivered by Dr. Heiser at the July 2009 “First Christian Conference on Aliens” in Roswell, NM, which established how “post-Christian” portions of the public have methodically established a theology and representation of “ET” as “god”, and having established theistic attributes to such a “god” to serve as a “substitute” to the “God” of the Judeo-Christian understanding. He closed with a call to the church (observed by this author as a type of “manifesto”) to acknowledge this growing activity and its threat to the relevance of the Church and its teachings on society, and to take action to teach “the whole Bible” and its doctrines, even including its more “difficult” and mysterious aspects, to truly address the thirst of the public (including many faithful Christians) to find answers to these compelling developments and issues, otherwise they will search elsewhere to meet this desire. In this deep and thought-provoking interview, Dr. Heiser discusses what motivated him to prepare and deliver such an address, and why he believes this topic to be so critical, as well as providing an overview of its contents, including how the traditional deistic elements of ineffability, immanence, omnipotence, perfection and even personal and ultimate salvation have been constructed by supporters of the “ET religion” to be manifestations of their “ET god” as well. He also provides stunning statistics from numerous reputable polling firms that suggests approximately half of the public believes extraterrestrials (ETs) exist, and may be visiting and communicating with us, and that it is likely that many of these people are sitting in our churches today. Such hard data also suggests that it is having an impact on the spiritual views of a significant portion of the public. A major portion of the discussion focuses on how the Church is “dropping the ball”, in terms of “clinging” merely to the “creeds” rather than teaching verse by verse through the Biblical text, avoiding the “hard questions” based upon the Bible and other issues of life, being “selectively supernatural” in their Bible interpretations, and not embracing the mysteries of God.

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