Friday, January 1, 2010

New Book by Popular Author Baigent Targets Traditional Religions and Their Perceived Dangers to Humanity.

Nashville, TN – The new book by author Michael Baigent, “Racing Toward Armageddon” which reveals perceived threats to humanity from the three monotheistic religions, is critically reviewed to unveil its ominous forecasts for people of faith, by host “Doctor Future” and co-host Tom Bionic, in programs airing daily during the week of 4 January on the “Future Quake” program, broadcast on the Christian talk radio station WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN (and archived at Baigent, one of the best-selling international authors, is best known for his blockbuster best-seller “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail”, which proposed the shocking theory that Jesus and Mary Magdalene wed and relocated to the south of France, sired a race of kings (currently in hiding), and are buried in this region. This material formed the basis for Dan Brown’s book “The Da Vinci Code”, to the extent that he sued Brown on the grounds of plagiarism. Baigent continued his revisionist philosophy of rebutting traditional Judeo-Christian history and doctrine with his additional books “The Jesus Papers: Exposing The Greatest Cover-up in History” (based on documents now “not available”), “The Temple and the Lodge”, “The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception”, and “The Elixir and the Stone: The Tradition of Magic and Alchemy”. His sympathetic position regarding the motives of the Freemasons in his work may stem from his position as Grand Officer of the United Grand Lodge of England, and Editor of “Freemasonry Today” magazine. His new work, with the full title “Racing Toward Armageddon: The Three Great Religions and the Plot to End The World”, proposes that the three worldwide monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam), each having their own eschatology of end times events that they think are rapidly approaching, are in fact taking actions to tangibly bring about the end of the world, and that “fundamentalists” of each faith should be neutralized, and replaced with more “progressive” belief systems such as Eastern mysticism, and even belief in the demi-gods or regional gods of old. Mr. Baigent was originally scheduled to participate in the interview, but his immediate health concerns and publisher issues necessitated that the “Future Quake” hosts conduct their own recorded internal book review to expose the positions of this influential book to their audience, and comment on the disturbing impact it may have on people of faith in the days ahead, as well as noting some valid points that expose religion’s “dirty laundry”, in a compelling, uncomfortable and important discussion, with surprises and controversial insights.

“Future Quake”, hosted by “Doctor Future” and co-host "Tom Bionic", is a daily Christian interview and news review radio program, focusing on issues and events that will soon impact our collective futures. It features interviews with international experts on the topics covered (such as recent guests Alvin Toffler, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Alex Jones, Joseph Farah, Chuck Baldwin and Dr. Jerome Corsi), with constructive, intellectual discussions intended to better inform the public and provide useful information to prepare for the days ahead. It airs each weekday at 4 PM on WENO, 760 AM in Nashville, TN, the most popular Christian talk station in Middle Tennessee, and extending into much of the Mid-South. For those that miss the live broadcast, prior shows are archived in .mp3 format for listening on demand at, or available as a podcast (under “future quake”) at I-Tunes (

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r. k. said...

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Anonymous said...

Great show on this particular author and his agenda.
You should go after Bart Erhman too.

The comment of the "false raising of Isreal" really impacted me.

I have always had some question how exactly Isreal was supposed to return to its homeland.

After reading some Barry Chamish's stuff....are we left with the possibilty that this was a Satanic mechination???

So this make me rethink the Olivet Discourse...are we seeing Isreal being set up for another holocaust.

And then there is the Vatican's manuveuring in Jerusalem.


Are you planning on having Barry Chamish on your show???